2022 2nd International Conference on Green Communication, Network and Internet of Things (CNIoT 2022)
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  Keynote Speakers


Professor Xin Wang

Fudan University, China

Main research directions:

Novel router structure and routing technique with Computing and Storage, High creditability networking, 

architecture and service models, Network quality monitoring, Novel applications in mobile Internet (Platform: Android, iOS)

Topology, routing and TCP performance in mobile ad-hoc networks, IPv6 home-networking, etc.


Professor Jianquan Ouyang

Xiangtan University, China

Main research directions:

Deep learning, MRC image processing, Cyberspace security, Multimodal Mashup, 

Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval, Multivalued Logic, Trusted Computing, etc.


Professor Zhoujun Li

Beihang University, China

Main research directions:

Data mining, Text mining, Social network analysis, Information retrieval, Information extraction,

Personalized recommendation, Artificial intelligence and natural language processing,

Automatic question answering and intelligent customer service, Network and information security, etc.


Professor Wen Sun

Northwestern Polytechnical University,  China

Main research directions:

Internet of Things and its security, artificial intelligence,

distributed intelligence, artificial intelligence security, etc.


Professor Xiaohua Xu

University of  Science and Technology of China,  China

Main research directions:

Intelligent IoT, edge computing,

cloud-edge-device collaboration, etc.


Associate Professor Xiang Li

Tsinghua University, China

Main research directions:

Robot operation, Visual servoing, 

Human-computer interaction, Micro-nano robots, etc.